Centennial HS (along with Alpharetta HS) is beginning a year long feasibility study for the IB Diploma Programme. The International Baccalaureate (IB) is an integrated and balanced educational approach that has four major components. Research, How You Learn Something, Learning a Secondary Language and Community Service. Those components are built on a curriculum which centers around:

  1. Six subjects (Language Arts, Secondary Language, Experimental Sciences, the Arts, Mathematics and Individuals and Societies);
  2. An extended essay that the student works on for half of their junior and half of their senior year;
  3. Theory of Knowledge (a philosophy class of critical reflection on knowledge and experience gained inside and outside the classroom);
  4. Fluency in a language;
  5. CAS (Creativity, Action, Service – extra curricular activities where students lead and engage in a wide range of activities that involving creative thinking, physical exertion and community service).

Similar to Advanced Placement (AP) courses, the student in the IB program can obtain college credit for select classes, is exposed to rigorous coursework and is prepared for post secondary education. AP courses focus on single subjects or specific areas of study while the IB program is a comprehensive curriculum where concepts and information are taught through multiple disciplines. Most schools that offer the IB program also have a thriving AP program. Students choose the programs based on their interests and their prefered model of study.

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