In order to prepare students for the jobs of tomorrow, we have to increase the academic rigor and foster an environment of deep thinking and understanding. Here in Georgia, we are doing just that with the continued implementation of the Georgia Standards of Excellence (formerly known as the Common Core State Standards). As with any transition, it is not always an easy one. That is why Georgia PTA, in partnership with National PTA, has created Parent Guides designed to assist parents in understanding the implementation of the Georgia Standards of Excellence. Parent Guides are available for K-6th grade, 8th grade, High School English/Language Arts and High School Math.

Georgia PTA_PG_Kindergarten
Georgia PTA_PG_1st Grade
Georgia PTA_PG_2ndGrade
Georgia PTA_PG_3rd Grade
Georgia PTA_PG_4th Grade
Georgia PTA_PG_5th Grade
Georgia PTA_PG_6thGrade
Georgia PTA_PG_8th Grade

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