AAW Teen Driving Quiz!

A quick quiz for you:

1~ Do you want to be more comfortable with the idea of sending your student out on to Atlanta roads?

2~ When trying to correct your student while driving, do you get the “I know, I know” or “let me drive” attitude from them?

3~ Does your student have more faith in their driving abilities, or think they know more about driving than you feel is justified?

4~ Does your student show little if any interest in driving or is uncertain, timid, or overly-anxious behind the wheel?

5~ Do you want your student to have more than “driver’s ed” in preparation for Atlanta roads because you feel the “absolute minimum” state requirements aren’t enough?

If you answered “yes” to more of these than you’re comfortable with, we can help with every single one of your above concerns, and then some.  The Accident Avoidance Workshops is “driver trainin’ the way it oughta be”.

The Workshops are coming back to Centennial High School this October and spaces will go fast. Don’t delay, sign up today.  Click here for more information and for a complete schedule, or call 770-262-7009.  If you are ready to register you may click here.

The CHS PTSA receives a portion of the workshop fees.

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