During the week of October 15-19, Centennial will be hosting our 8th Annual College and Career Week. The goal of our College and Career Week is to offer students opportunities to learn more about all aspects of post-secondary options.

Here is what you need to know about this year’s College and Career Week:

Myth: College Week is only for seniors.
Fact: College Week is for students in ALL grades. Some events will be more geared for students in a particular grade, but nearly all activities and events are open to students/parents in all grades.

Myth: College Week is only for students who are planning to attend a 4 year college/university.
Fact: College Week is designed to reach ALL students by exposing them to a variety of post-secondary possibilities and engaging them to be actively thinking about their future.

Myth: College week is only for students.
Fact: Several College Week events are open to both students and parents.

Over the course of the week we will be having several breakout sessions, activities and events which are related to students and parents planning for continued education beyond high school. To preview the events and activities which we are planning for the week, visit the counseling website: www.mycentennialcounseling.com. Students and parents can sign up for events using the QR code or the link on the counseling website. The sessions close the day before the event or when the event is at capacity. Students will be responsible for any missed classwork or assignments.

Can parents participate?
Yes! Parents are welcome and encouraged to come attend any of the breakout sessions during the week.
Parents register by using the same link or QR code as the students.

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