This is not driver’s education … this is driver’s preparation.  One doesn’t become proficient at LaCrosse by taking a 30-hour classroom, watching videos, taking an on-line class, getting in to a simulator, or reading books … they become proficient at LaCrosse by playing LaCrosse!  Nobody expects their child to know how to react in Emergency Driving Conditions if they’ve never practiced Emergency Driving Conditions, … and yet, how many parents send their kids on to Atlanta roads, completely unprepared for Emergency Driving Conditions, knowing full-well they didn’t get that training in “driver’s ed”?  Enter the Accident Avoidance Workshops.  We teach your student how to handle emergencies, by exposing them to emergencies … there is no better way … period.

The Workshops are coming back to Centennial High School this October and spaces will go fast. Don’t delay, sign up today.  Click here for more information and for a complete schedule, or call 770-262-7009.  If you are ready to register you may click here.

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